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Lusoma (Luxury Soap Manufacture) is the leading Hotel amenities manufacturer and supplier located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. We strive to provide only the best quality products to our clients offering them solutions and consistent top quality products.

Customer Satisfaction is our mission.

Who We Are

Lusoma is a apart of Sharz Holding Company. Sharz Holding is a well established company within the Kingdom for more than 70 years.

Sharz Holding consists of:

Sharz Construction and Buildings Works
Water Works such as desalination and sewage plants
Electrical and electronic works
Mechanical and naval works
Maintenance, cleanliness and operation works and cities maintenance
Cooked and non-cooked ration
Operation, maintenance and cleanliness of hospitals

Sharz Medical Company
The company has a large and remarkable activity in the medical field through providing numerous medical supplies to hospitals and establishing Nora Pharmacy in Sharoura Governorate in the Southern Region as well as establishing a branch of Sharz Medical Company.

Entities Contracted by Sharz in Various Fields
Our companies conclude contracts with all government departments, semi-governmental departments and private entities. In addition to the semi-governmental companies (such as Saudi Bin Ladin Group – Nesma – Dubai Bin Ladin – SABIC – Saudi Aramco – Saudi Post …. etc.)

Sharz Educational Business (Jarir Private Schools)
There are more than 2000 students in all stages in Jarir schools. Also, the school employees including male and female teachers or administrators have great experience either Saudis or foreigners.

Sharz Cooked and Uncooked Ration
Sharz, over the past three decades, has implemented and operated more than 25 major project ration projects in different parts of Saudi Arabia.

Shraz Trading Business
The company plays a major role in foodstuffs management through foodstuffs sale outlets.The company plays a major role in foodstuffs management through food stuffs sale outlets.

Our Products

Wide range of luxury bathroom amenities.

Body Lotion
Shower Gel
Hand Wash

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